Corporate Responsibility

People matter at Keycare. We play an active role in supporting our community. In addition we take our contribution to the wider world seriously.


We are connected

As a company we are proud of our network of approved suppliers and the back up and service we offer to customers.

Being a part of our community is important to us. We support projects which seek to bring people together and offer support to people in need.

As an example we are a major sponsor of the Sue Ryder Women of Achievement Awards. This means we are able to contribute to many of the small organisations, individuals and groups that work within our communities. At the same time we give support to Sue Ryder Care.

The Women of Achievement Awards give recognition and support to individuals who give to others and who create opportunity or support other people.


We are responsive

Responding to challenge and need and helping our community to create positive outcomes.


We are friendly

Our customers appreciate being able to reach a friendly and supportive person at a time when they need help. For our team our work within the community is important. It gives everyone at Keycare the chance to be involved. It allows us to meet with people and to offer help and support to projects which open doors and improve lives.


Keycare’s CSR Policy in practice

At Keycare our Corporate Social Responsibilities are important. As well as documenting our CSR policy we also ensure that we always practice what we preach. We base our approach on four key principles. These form the foundation on which we built our company and on which it continues to grow.

The four principles are:

Benchmark ourselves against other high achieving and regarded businesses, to show that although we are still quite small in size, in CSR terms we are among the best

Aim to make our company a good place to work for all our employees

Strive to offer our customers products and services they want and need

Endeavour to reach out and contribute to the wider community to make our world a better place to live in