Our greatest assets are our customers and we love them and it seems they love us too!!!

We’ve been around for some time now, since 1977 in fact!  Since then we have been building our reputation for excellence and are proud of the results.

As an evolving company Keycare is always looking for ways to improve on service and that means asking our customers what they think. We like to think they keep us on our toes!!

We encourage our customers to keep us informed on any improvements we can make and we engage with them whenever we can and ask for their feedback. One of the ways we do this is through our customer survey.

Not only do we believe customer feedback is important but so is customer loyalty. To help us measure how loyal our customers are we include a Net Promoter Score within our survey.

We ask  “How likely is it that you would recommend our product/service to a friend or colleague?”

For the last quarter of 2016 we can report an amazing result of 88.25%.

Keycare will always aspire to improve on results to become an even better company. We cannot do this without the suggestions and support from our loyal customers.

So thank you to all our customers for taking part in our surveys and for providing feedback. We appreciate you!  Feedback is important. It enables us to provide the best products and services possible.

We might be biased, but we believe we have the best customers in the world!!.