The importance of key safety in winter months

Icy treeKeep an eye on your car keys as Jack Frost bites

Shipley based Keycare is the UK’s leading key recovery, assistance and insurance specialist. It warns motorists of the rising risk of key theft in the winter months and the importance of key safety. This is the weakest link in car security as opportunist thieves take advantage of the icy conditions.

Keycare is responding to recent reports from the AA highlighting an increase in car crime. Drivers regularly leave cars with the engine ticking over in order to get demisters on  ready for the morning commute . David Robertson, Chief Executive of Keycare, comments: “When Jack Frost bites it is tempting for car owners to leave vehicles running on the drive to warm up ahead of the morning commute, or school run.  They are unwittingly opening themselves up to the risk that their insurer will not pay out in the event of a theft.  Most policies include a ‘duty of care’ clause, with the expectation that car owners don’t do anything that could avoidably lead to loss or damage, for example leaving the keys in the ignition.”

Recent research from Keycare points to an average of 30% of Britons having their car keys stolen each year.  The average cost of replacing keys, locks and recoding stands at an average of £300. This plus thefts on the up key insurance is a valuable addition to motor insurance policies.

“Key cover delivers valuable peace of mind for car owners. It helps them meet ‘duty of care’ requirements. It boosts customer loyalty and retention strategies for insurers, brokers, affinity groups and retailers”, says David.