Local Philanthropy with a Business Attitude – Keycare Announces Record Charitable Donations in 2016

Keycare the UK’s leading key recovery, assistance and insurance specialist gave a record breaking £17,907 to charity in 2016. This brings the total amount given since starting the donation scheme in 2008 to £63,627

Keycare offers a £10 reward to the finder of the lost keys. It offers them the opportunity to either claim the reward, or donate it to charity.

In 2014 finders chose to donate £5,330 of the annual rewards recorded to charity. By the end of 2015 this figure had more than doubled to £13,990. 2016’s figure of £17,907 demonstrates significant year-on-year growth in donations. Since the initiative started in 2008 average monthly donations have risen dramatically by 114%.

Keycare’s donations buck the national trend for charitable giving. According to the Charities Aid Foundation they have seen a surprising decrease in donations made across the UK to all charities.

David Robertson, Chief Executive of Keycare, comments: “Back in 2008 we started offering finders the opportunity to give their reward to charity. We have been surprised and delighted with the money raised year-on-year ever since. This initiative is very close to our hearts. It is a really simple and effective way for us to ‘give something back’ to our local community and wider society, as well as playing our part in improving the perception of insurance amongst the public.”