Replacing car keys can be costly!!!

Replacing lost car keys is becoming more and more expensive!! Despite knowing how valuable car keys are, many car owners don’t own key insurance and often only realise their worth after losing them. The realisation that you have misplaced your car keys can turn inconvenience into complete anxiety.

Recent research by Keycare shows an average of 30% of Britons have their car keys stolen each year. The average cost of replacing lost car keys, locks and recoding stands at an average of £300. Key insurance is becoming more of a necessity as car key crime rises and the cost of replacing keys increases, which is a small cost to pay for peace of mind in comparison.


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Why are lost car keys costly to replace?

The reason is that keys are becoming ever more advanced. The more sophisticated the locking system is, the higher the cost of replacing your keys.

Over time and with the advancement of technology car security systems have evolved, becoming more sophisticated to ensure better security for vehicles.

Technology has driven changes to the quality and characteristics of car keys. The sophistication of car keys means it is not as easy to copy a key now as it was in the past. The numerous technological features, which includes computer programming, has made the cost of car keys very costly.

Car dealerships are usually the first consideration when you need to buy a replacement car key. An alternative would be an auto locksmith. Locksmiths have the technical knowledge and are experts in manufacturing all kinds of car keys that replicate the original ones in looks as well as functionality.


Electronic Keys

Most modern cars have electronic key fobs also known as a transmitter or remote that forms a composite unit within the key set and the key fob is programmed to enable your car to recognise the key. The key will not activate unless the vehicle system can identify it and respond to the signal from the fob.


Transponder keys

During the late nineties car keys went through further improvement when vehicle manufacturers began using transponders in car keys.  The plastic head of the key carries a small transponder chip and this sends out a signal to the receiver in the ignition circuit. The programming helps to recognise the key and activate it. Also acting as an immobiliser the receiver can detect a signal which indicates that a wrong key is inserted into the ignition. In this case the vehicle will not accept the signal and therefore the engine will not start. The shank of the transponder key is a laser or a basic cut key.


Laser Keys

Laser cut keys have thick shanks with a fewer number of carved out grooves. The winding cut on the shank gives a distinctive look to the key. The manufacture of laser cut keys requires expensive key cutting machinery which adds to the expense of replacement.


Smart keys

Further advancements in electronics have made it possible to replace the traditional key with a sophisticated computerised key. The smart key allows you to carry your key fob in your pocket. This means that when unlocking, locking and starting your vehicle  you can start your car without inserting a key into the ignition. Pressing a button activates rolling security codes within the vehicle system. This allows you to start the car and drive it without touching the key. A mechanical backup key blade is usually available to start the ignition.
The system is capable of using random methods of identifying the correct code. This reduces the chance of hacking by thieves. The vehicle will only start if the computer system of the vehicle verifies and recognises the code.


How will key insurance help to protect your keys against loss or theft?

Keycare’s key insurance has 24 hour access to a Nationwide network of approved locksmiths. Peace of mind in the event that your lost car keys need replacing. Do you know that 1 in 4 sets of keys attached to a Keycare fob are recovered.

From just 5p per day Keycare offers you valuable protection against the costs of replacing your lost car keys. Keycare is an easy to access, no hassle solution with help and support from a UK call centre 24 hours a day. One call to Keycare will bring you relief and help.

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