Our Product

Need to improve customer retention? Do you want to generate additional income or raise brand awareness?

Keycare are leading experts in the key recovery and assistance market. Our innovative product allows us to provide you with a bespoke, white labelled solution that will help to create genuine benefits for your business. We are flexible and we will tailor make a solution to suit your business needs.

Our key recovery and replacement service can bring substantial long term benefits to your business so please call us to find out how we can play a part in the growth and development of your business.

Benefits to your business
  • Can generate a risk free income stream into your business
  • Increases awareness of your brand
  • Keycare can differentiate you from your competitors
  • As an incentive Keycare will give you the edge to build and retain customer loyalty
  • Increases your customer product portfolio
  • Low administration leaves you time for more important business issues
  • Will complement many lifestyle products not just Home and Motor insurance

Benefits to your customers

Peace of mind

  • Covers lost and stolen keys, replacement locks and call out charges up to the chosen annual level of cover
  • Cover for locksmith charges if your customer is locked out of their home or vehicle
  • No details of the key owner are given to the finder of your customer’s keys which guarantees confidentiality and security
  • Cover for the cost of reprogramming immobilisers and alarms
  • Cover for the cost of opening safes

No hassle solution

  • Up to 3 days vehicle hire if your customer’s vehicle is unusable as a result of losing their keys or having them stolen
  • Cover for the cost of onward transportation if your customer is stranded due to theft or loss of their keys

Easy access

  • Fast track service – there is no excess to pay and no effect on No Claims Bonus of the customer’s core insurance policy
  • Excellent customer service – one call to our UK based call centre where real people will deal with your customer’s call
  • Help and support –  24/7 emergency assistance


  • Any keys your customer attaches to a fob issued by Keycare are covered anywhere in the EU
  • Access to a nationwide network of approved locksmiths
  • Direct billing – your customer does not have to part with any money
  • Keycare pay the finder of your customer’s lost keys a £10 reward. We will not ask your customer to contribute

The right replacement key cover could help customers with lost and stolen keys, car hire and transportation.